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Harmonic Sound Therapy is a natural therapy that makes use of the sound and vibration of singing bowls to help heal the body. Himalayan singing bowls are one style of instrument used in this way. Over the last several decades they have been imported from the Himalayan region of Asia, most recently finding their way into the hands of trained therapists who place the bowls on or around the body for massage.

The body reacts to both the sound and the vibration created when the bowls are played. As the vibrations from the bowls resonate with the energy in the cells of the body, the body's frequencies are reset to optimal vibration, releasing tension, stress, negative energy and blockages. Resetting the body allows for relaxation, pain relief, and restoration of the proper heart rate, blood pressure and breathing rate and brings the brain waves to a resting state.

Himalayan singing bowls can be played as an individual therapy, putting the bowls on or around the body. The impact of the vibrations is felt directly in the body and begins the relaxation. A second method of using the bowls in is a sound bath or group meditation. This can be a large or small group of people seated in chairs or lying in relaxed positions on mats on the floor. Bowls are placed around the group and played as a concert, bathing all of the individuals in the sound and vibrations.

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